Aura Colors

Before we understand individual Aura Colors, we need to understand the system that they reside in. I call this the Aura Categories system. It starts with five basic categories: Body, Physical Environment, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. However, we also have some colors that reside in between categories and are designated as combinations. Such as Emotional-Spiritual for example, because they have attributes in both categories. Everyone has one Main Aura Color and a First Overlay Color, Second Overlay Color, and Outer Layers that comprise of multiple colors.


Here is a visual representation of the five basic categories:


The Body Category includes Green-Amber and Yellow.

Yellow (The Athlete) is typically found in athletes and persons who are very good at controlling their bodies. Green-Amber (The Mover) is always moving and doing something. Sometimes people who have the Green-Amber color are often misdiagnosed as having some sort of attention deficit disorder such as ADHD.

The Physical Environment Category includes Orange, Red, and Magenta.

Orange (The Outdoorsman) is found in people that love the outdoors. It can lead them to the mountains or wilderness areas, or be as simple as spending time in their own backyard. Red (The Owner) typically owns their own business or home and is always concerned about who owns what. Magenta (The Creative) is very creative and finds many different avenues to express their creativity. It can be found in people who are involved in Graphic Design, Art, Film, Cooking, Woodworking, Photography, or any other creative field.

The Mental Category includes Green and Amber.

Green (The Intelligent) are very smart people and include CEOs, Engineers, Software Developers, and pretty much any profession that involves complex systems. Amber (The Teacher) is very much associated with Education. People who possess this color are typically teachers and professors or even very gifted students.

The Mental-Emotional Category includes Red-Amber and Blue-Amber.

Red-Amber (The Storyteller) loves to tell stories whether visually, verbally, or in written form. Blue-Amber (The Servant) loves to serve others in whatever capacity they find to be helpful to others.

The Emotional Category includes the Blue color.

Blue (The Feeler) feels all kinds of emotions. Whether they feel happiness, sadness, joy, cries, or has depression. People who lack this color are often referred to as boring or emotionless. People who have it may even ask you “How do you feel?”


The Emotional-Spiritual Category includes Lavender and Violet.

Lavender (The Traveler) loves to experience everything from music, food, and cultures. Everything to them is an experience. Violet (The Influencer) is capable of influencing many people to see their point of view. Whether it is in politics or among peers, they have the ability to sway others.

The Spiritual Category includes Crystal, Indigo, Aventurine-Crystal, and Magenta-Crystal.

Crystal (The Vessel) are very spiritual in nature and are often very intuitive and empathetic. Indigo (The Technologist) are heavily involved in technology. Whether that involves computers, video games, television, tablets, smart phones, etc. They can never get enough technology. Aventurine-Crystal (The Musician) loves music and anything related to music. Playing music, listening to music, or composing music. Music is everything to them. Magenta-Crystal (The Massage Therapist) typically are found helping others by massaging their bodies. They have a unique ability to help us relax and unwind from the stress of daily life.