Spiritual Self-Defense

Categories of Negative Entities


Evil Spirits                               Unclean Spirits                    Devils

Demons                                    Dementors                             Dragons

Aliens                                         Mind-benders                       Ear-worms

Skin-crawlers                        Giants                                        Imposters

Skin-walkers                          Wendigos                                Rakes

Werewolves                           Lichens                                     Vampires

Curse-mongers                     Cockroaches                          Gargoyles

Daleks                                        Weeping Angels Oods

Orcs                                            Dwarves                                   Spiders

Dark Wizards                         Basilisks                                    Death-eaters

Mosquitos                              Scorpions                                Ear-wigs



Notable Individuals


Sheer Khan                             Smaug

The White Orc                      Saramon


Draco Malfoy                        Alecto Carrow                      Augustus Rookwood

Narcissa Malfoy                   Amycus Carrow                   Antonin Dolohov

Lucius Malfoy                       Vincent Crabbe Sr              Travers Sr

Rabastan Lestrange           Vincent Crabbe Jr               Travers Jr

Rodolphus Lestrange       Barty Crouch Sr                   Quirinus Quirrell

Bellatrix Lestrange             Barty Crouch Jr                    Aurora Sinistra

Igor Karkaroff                        Gregory Goyle Sr                 Rita Skeeter

Fenrir Greyback                   Gregory Goyle Jr                 Dolores Umbridge

Tom Riddle                             Theodore Nott Sr                Evan Rossier


Joseph Stalin                         Adolf Hitler                            Hirohito Shōwa

Benito Mussolini                Chiang Kai-shek                   Vladimir Lenin

Augustus Caesar                  Herod                                        Pharaoh(s)

Sadam Hussein                     Osama Bin Laden



Satanic Leadership


The Cockroach

Evil Woman



Lucifer (Satan)




The first basic concept of extraction is to remove any and all negative entities from someone’s body and energy fields. In order for extraction to work, stress management must be applied beforehand. Otherwise, the energy fields may be weakened and extraction is much more difficult. For example, one can utter the words “In the name of Jesus Christ, I command the evil spirits controlling my heart, mind, body, and energy fields to leave and go to the light. (Meaning the Light of Christ)

This same concept can be applied to any other types of negative entities listed above. And is a good idea to muscle test beforehand to determine which specific types of negative entities are bothering that person.

On occasion, you may need to be more specific about the anatomy of the body the negative entities have attached themselves to. For example, “In the of Jesus Christ, I command the Unclean Spirits to leave my heart, mind, body, energy fields, and reproductive organs and glands to leave and go to the light.”

It is most effective for the person doing the extracting to possess the command strength and clear blue aura color. We also refer to them as Aurors. They are trained in extracting negative entities from themselves and others. They have also been trained in human anatomy. If they are in an environment where the extraction cannot be said aloud, they can say it in their mind because spirits can hear thoughts. Ears are simply an apparatus for bodies to hear sound. It also helps if they possess the Focus strength in order to extract effectively.

Negative entities can bother us in all kinds of ways that manifest physical symptoms. Headaches and Migraines are very common. Digestive issues as well as coughing or sneezing. Sore throats and runny noses are also indications. Crying babies can also indicate that they are being bothered. Any sickness or physical ailment is typically a sign that negative entities are present.

It is important to understand why these negative entities oppose us. In the pre-earth life, there was a war in heaven where two different plans were presented. One was Lucifer’s plan in that all mankind would be saved because they would be forced to choose the right and the glory would be his. The other was Christ’s plan, in that we would have our agency or ability to make choices on earth. And that he would be our Savior to atone for our wrong decisions. Christ’s plan was chosen by the majority and the glory would go to Heavenly Father (the father of our spirits). About one third of the hosts of heaven decided to follow Satan and were cast out of heaven to the earth to tempt us and try us. The only way they can have a bodily experience is if we allow them to. Typically, we allow them to possess our bodies by being prideful and choosing not to forgive someone or ourselves.

Portals & Connections

Inherently there are good portals and bad portals. For our purposes, we are going to be focusing on the evil or bad portals. How to identify them and shut them down properly. Portals come in all shapes and sizes and objects can also be cursed to become a portal. Identifying portals can be very difficult and typically requires a skilled Auror.

Once a bad portal has been identified, it can be shutdown using verbiage such as, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I command any and all bad portals dwelling in and around this home including this (name of object) to be immediately and completely closed down and sealed shut in its entirety, never to be reopened and removed of any and all darkness, dark energy, and dark matter, and to be filled with divine impenetrable light and divine, pure energy from the presence of God.”

It is most effective for the one closing down the portal(s) to possess the clear-blue aura color and command strength.


There are a plethora of different curses, and therefore cannot be contained in one book. I will attempt to list some of the ones that I have encountered most frequently:


Bad Portal Curse                 Blindness Curse                   Deafness Curse                     Mute Curse


Pride Curse                             Digestive Curse                    Dehydration Curse            No Appetite Curse


Masturbation Curse          Pornography Curse           Adultery Curse                     Homosexual Curse


Addiction Curse                                    Financial Curse                    Accident Curse                     Structural Curse


Blood Curse                           Shaking Curse                       Bone Marrow Curse          Fainting Curse


Insomnia Curse                    Vomiting Curse                    Muscle Curse                         Skin Curse


In order to break down and remove a curse one must possess the purple-violet aura color and the command strength. This seems to be rarer than the clear-blue aura color. Therefore, they typically have the role of “Curse-breaker”.

They can utter something to this effect, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I command any and all curses to be immediately and completely broken down and removed from this person’s heart mind body and energy fields, including the Pride Curse and Financial Curse. To be immediately and completely broken down and removed of any and all darkness, dark energy, dark magic, and dark matter. And to be filled with divine, impenetrable light and divine, and pure energy from the presence of God.”