Stress Management

Categories of Stress

There are 9 different categories of stress:

Physical Stress

Is usually manifest anywhere in the body. A broken ankle could be a result of Physical Stress. This usually happens when our bodies reach their breaking points. Lack of sleep can cause Physical Stress.

Mental Stress

Typically shows up in the head when something is not understood or comprehended. This usually shows up for someone that possesses a Mental Aura color.

Emotional Stress

This typically is associated with those that possess the Blue Aura color. Some symptoms may include excess crying or anger.

Psychological Stress

This is probably the most common type of stress and has to do with our psyche. Feelings of rejection, embarrassment, abandonment, and being accepted all have to do with Psychological Stress.

Environmental Stress

Anything that causes us environmental stress will trigger this including air conditioning failure, lack of food, clothing or shelter.

Social Stress

Anyone that possesses social strengths such as Woo, Includer, or Relator can be susceptible to Social Stress.

Sensory Stress

Sensory Stress is when negative entities effect our 5 senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, or hearing.

Financial Stress

This can be caused by being overdrawn in a bank account, filing for bankruptcy, obtaining excess student loans, and obtaining high interest loans or maxing out credit cards. Also, loaning money to family and friends can be a common factor.

Guilt Stress

We experience Guilt Stress whenever we do something against our core values and beliefs.

Managing Stress

In order to manage your stress, first you have to identify what stresses you are currently experiencing. This is done most effectively via muscle testing. After you have identified the category of stress, it can then be managed properly.

For example, if during muscle testing it was discovered that I had Financial Stress. In order to manage that stress, I would need to forgive myself or the person that caused this stress. This can be identified through muscle testing as well. In order to properly forgive it is most effective to say it out loud, “I forgive myself for going through bankruptcy, causing me to have symptoms of Financial Stress.”

It is most effective to have a stress management session with someone that is skilled in muscle testing, and is proficient in identifying stresses and using the correct verbiage to manage them properly.

Another complex example has to do with exposure to pornography. During muscle testing, it was discovered that they had Guilt Stress and Psychological Stress. In order to properly manage these stresses the patient would say, “I forgive myself for masturbating and viewing pornography. I forgive my friend Bobby for exposing me to pornography, causing me to have feelings of rejection.” Whenever we deal with rejection, abandonment, or acceptance we have to go back to the original offense. “I forgive my mother for not wanting me in the womb as a baby, causing me to have feelings of rejection.”

It is also critical to fill the person’s energy fields back to a level of 650 and re-balance their energy fields after completing Stress Management. This is important so that negative entities can’t enter their body as easily when those energy fields are weakened because of stress.

Sometimes stress can resurface even if properly managed. Jesus taught that we must forgive seventy times seven even for the same offense. I like to refer to these as “triggers”. Many different things can trigger that stress to return. Most often it is the result of negative entities attacking our weaknesses.